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In 1952, Dr. Jose P. Laurel founded the Lyceum of the Philippines. One of his dreams was to open the door to quality education to the masses. The answer was to open during the same year the School of Commerce headed by the illustrious Senator Gil J. Puyat as its first Dean with Hilarion M. Henares as the Vice Dean.  

In 1955, the School of Commerce graduated Fifty-three students who joined the public and private sectors and established their own businesses bringing honor and pride to their Alma Mater. 

The School of Commerce was later on expanded and became the School of Economics and Business Administration. In 1976, it became the College of Business Administration. 

The College of Business Administration takes pride of the men and women who carried the College through the years leaving behind them their legacy of academic excellence and their dedicated and invaluable service of carrying out the vision of Dr. Jose P. Laurel. The history of the College therefore will not be complete without the dedication and commitment of the following deans who endeavored to carry on the challenge of delivering quality business education:






















Senator Gil J. Puyat

Prof. Emilio F. Constantino

Prof. Alberto P. Javier

Prof. Agapito Espinosa

Prof. Francisco G. Jose

Prof. Alberto P. Javier

Prof. Mariano Apacible

Prof. Eliseo T. Tibon

Atty. Julianito Sinay

Dr. Angel Q. Yoingco (Consultant)

Atty Ernesto dela Paz

Congressman Cirilo G. Montejo

Prof. Mercedes T. Hernandez (Officer-in-Charge)

Atty. Roberto P. Laurel

Prof. Ma Elenita B. Cabrere

Dr. Violeta A.V Lazaro

Prof. Delia M. Dagdag (Officer-in-Charge)

Dr. Conrado E. Iñigo, Jr.

Dr. Leonardo R. Garcia, Jr.

Prof. Evangeline M. Dominguez (Officer-in-Charge)

Dr. Maria Victoria M. Ac-Ac

The College had its share of shining moments etched into its colorful web of triumphs and achievements. It is proud to hold up high torch of victory when through the years it produced seven (7) topnotchers in the CPA Board Examination since 1992 and (14) in the Customs Brokers Licensure Examination since 1999.

In answer to the needs and demands of an environment characterized by increasing emphasis in globalization, shifting economic strengths, rapid advances in information technology and fierce competition, the College expanded its curricular offerings in the following disciplines: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management, Operations Management, Business Management and Management Accounting, Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Customs Administration. All courses are computer-oriented and taught by highly qualified competent faculty pool composed of Certified Public Accountants, licensed Customs Broker, lawyers, and masteral and doctoral degree holders. 

The College holds the PACU-COA Level III Accredited Status in all BSBA programs and will have its preliminary visit for BS Accountancy & Customs Administration programs this coming September 2011. 

The freshness of the legacy and the vision of Dr. Jose P. Laurel and the men and women who led the College of Business Administration never fade. They are contemporaneous, a part of contemporary history. It is this legacy which marks the history of the College- that those who are tasked to carry on need not be afraid but inspired in a vibrant, living, pulsating breath.


To be recognized as the center of excellence in Customs Administration, Business Administration and Accountancy that develops business leaders and nurtures entrepreneurial attitudes, skills, and competencies.


Commitment towards the formation of competent, socially oriented, spiritual integrated and globally competitive business professionals.

Program Accreditation

The Philippine Association of Colleges & Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA) granted LEVEL 4 to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) of the College of Business Administration and LEVEL 3 for Accountancy & Customs Administration.

Achievements and Awards

The Business Administration and the Customs Administration Programs were awarded and Recognized as Center for Excellence (COE) by the Commission on Higher Education on May 17, 2016. CHED grants COE to a higher education institution academic program, which continuously demonstrates excellent performance in the areas of instruction, research and publication, extension and linkages and institutional qualifications.

The LPU Customs Administration Program consistently is one of the Top Performing school in the Customs Broker Licensure Examinations (CBLE). On November 2017 CBLE, the LPU CBLE passing percentage resulted to 69.70% with the National passing percentage 53.23%. Four (4) LPU placed 2nd, 3rd, 8th and two 10th in the top ten (10) board passers.

New Lyceans Certified Public Accountants for 2017 which was held May 2017. The Lycean Board Examination resulted to passing percentage of 50.00% with the National passing percentage of 35.14% and the First taker Passing rate is 100%

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) awarded the five (5) Accountancy students and Faculty Adviser, Ms. Christine Sousa as Non-Food Category “BWC Insulator Pad” Grand Winner the BIDA 2017 11th Business Idea and Development Award in recognition of outstanding ideas in entrepreneurship and creativeness of students held October 18, 2017 at the Manila Hotel.

Program and Curriculum

The College of Business Administration has effectively strengthened the LPU’s capability in line with its mandated mission to undertake research, provide instruction, support community extension, and to provide advanced studies and progressive leadership in business education relevant to the development of the country.

The college documented the implementation of the policies, procedures and guidelines that conformed to the ISO format/requirements. Work becomes easier and productivity has improved because of the implementation of 5S, both for faculty, staff and students. Faculty meetings were held on a monthly basis to update the team on some development and to discuss relevant and related issues concerning them.

Academic Programs

The CBA further enhance the BSA, BSCA, and BSBA Programs and reviewed periodically to produce graduates who will be given preferential treatment by the corporate industry or become successful CPAs, Customs Brokers, and/or Entrepreneurs themselves. CBA regularly enhance the Accountancy, Customs Administration and Business Programs to produce graduates who will manage the local advertising industry and eventually the Asia-Pacific Region. The College continues to update all the core subjects and confer with the practitioners and the international academic community in enhancing all syllabi through various industry groups and Professional Organizations.

Student Development. The College continues to produce students who will become a true Lycean excelling in academic and extra-curricular activities. Specifically, he is encouraged to become a Dean’s lister or a student whose major subjects’ GPA is 2.25 and an active officer and/or member of Junior JPIA, PSCAS, MANSOC or any local, civic-oriented or national organization.

Faculty Development is to nurture a totally committed and competent faculty. To update knowledge by establishing linkages with the academic and industry associations and to further hone the experiential knowledge of the full-timers by undergoing “industry practicum” during service leave and/or regularly attending industry-sponsored workshops and seminars or training abroad.