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On promoting equal rights for Lyceans, the Arts and Cultural Affairs Department, along with the Events Management Class of H-429, staged the BIGGEST and BOLDEST pageant of the year: MS. LPU PLUS 2018. The pageant, whose main advocacy is awareness-raising about obesity, was created to feature plus-size students and to be a platform for promoting non-adherence to society’s posturing set of standards.

On November 23, 2018 at the JPL Hall of Freedom, eight girls from different colleges competed for the title. After completing a series of segments and the question and answer portion, Ms. Madeleine Cruz from the College of International Relations bagged the title as the first ever Ms. LPU Plus. Ms. Cruz, alongside the other queens, Ms. Amirah Cruda, first runner up, and Ms. Andrea Pangindian, second runner up, -̶ both from the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management-̶  said that they planned to host an event for women empowerment that upholds their advocacies as reigning queens.

The pageant had gone mainstream since then. The eight gorgeous candidates had everyone fall in love with them as they embody what it is to be #ConfidentlyBeautifulWithABIGHeart.



Arts and Cultural Affairs Department