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The Internship Program also known as On-the-Job training (OJT) of the University is managed and operated by the Center for Career Services and Industry Relations (CSI). It develops and maintains both local and international linkages, profiling of potential industry partners and academic partnership with top industries.




In today’s globally competitive industry, having the knowledge and skill is not enough to make you professionally competent to be on top of your chosen profession. One must have actual work experience. The difference between knowing how to execute a specific skill and actually executing it has a big difference. Just as one knows that holding a burning coal is dangerous, but the one who actually does it knows the painful sensation and turmoil of it. The actual experience engraves deeper the learning experience one receives. It is the same with today’s globally competitive industries, they prefer people who not only has knowledge and skill but has actual work related experience. For this reason, the Internship Program of a tertiary Academic Institution plays a vital role in harnessing the learning experience one receives from an Internship Program. For this reason, the establishment of the Center for Career Services and Industry Relations has emerged.