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Evolution of Center for Career Services and Industry Relations

From the very start, students who had to do their Internship, as required in their curriculum, were left on their own to look for companies willing to take them in. The college where the students belong to, would be involved in the process only when the student has already been recruited by the company. This is when the faculty member assigned to the students visit them at their workplace to check on their working conditions and on their performance.

June 2014, LPU-Manila decided to streamline this Internship process by creating the Center for Career Services and Industry Relations. This unit is staffed by a team of Internship Coordinators whose main task is to enlist partner establishments willing to take in our students for Internship and/or eventual employment. Once the Memoranda of Agreement with these companies are signed, “want ads” from these companies are posted in Social Media (created by the unit) for the students and graduates to respond accordingly.

Also, the Internship Coordinators check on the Interns’ welfare and performance, following the approved guidelines of the university, as stated in the Internship Manuals distributed to the students.

Not only has the recruitment and hiring process been made easier for our students and graduates, the relationship between the university and these partner establishments has been further strengthened through the frequent visits made by the Internship Coordinators assigned to them. This has resulted to our students and graduates being given by these establishments priority over those from the other universities.

With CCSIR in operation, students and graduates now feel that LPU-Manila looks after their welfare even after they have earned their respective degrees.



CCSIR will be the formidable bridge between academic training and employment opportunities for local and international, where our students can showcase their skills and talent, towards further strengthening LPU - Manila’s contribution to national development.



  • As a service unit of a leading University in the Asia Pacific Region, the CCSIR is committed to:
  • Enlist the support of top enterprises in the country by profiling them and signing Memoranda of Agreement towards filling up their internship and employment vacancies with our students and graduate
  • Ensure that our students’ and graduates' competencies match those required by the various industries where they plan to establish their respective careers
  • Make our students and graduates be the top priority of these A-list enterprises when they recruit Interns or hire new employees

Center for Career Services and Int'l Relations