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From PDO to Department of Linkages and Standards, the new team in LPU!

In any industry, the people behind a company/department are important, as they accomplish the goals of the organization. Working in a good environment allows the team members to draw on the strength of others, working collaboratively and be dynamic. Top of FormA team is formed when every individual has the same goals to achieveBottom of Form. Everyone within the working place must have a contribution according to his or her ability to achieve the goal within a given time.

The Department of Linkages and Standards was organized to forge linkages and partnerships locally and internationally, so as to meet the vision of the university. This department will also be responsible in maintaining continued levelling of LPU standards thus ensuring effective, efficient, relevant and quality education through local and international, program and institutional accreditation, assessment and certification with various public and private agencies.

The team:

Ma. Christina Aquino is the Executive Director of Department of Linkages and Standards with 14 years of LPU service, and 33 years of work experience in the academe. She joined LPU in 2005 as Dean of the College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management, and transferred to the newly created office as Executive Director of Planning and Development in 2009.  In 2018, the DLS was created to coordinate the various quality assurance programs at the institutional and program level, pursue linkages and networks with various academic, government and industry organizations in the local and international arena.

Carla Co is the Data Analyst use technology to collect data and create trends and patterns to generate custom-formatted data reports relevant for Senior Leaders to make decisions.   She initially joined LPU seven years ago as the Office Secretary of Planning and Development Office, and transferred to the Department of Linkages and Standards.  

Riri Capitle is the newest member of the Department of Linkages and Standards as Office Assistant.  Riri handles organizational and clerical support tasks, such as organizing files, receiving guests, handling incoming calls, maintaining supply inventory, and prepare minutes of the meeting, and other support functions.

Institutional Development Office