LPU Manila and Makati Achieved We Invest in People GOLD 

“Our mantra at the start of 2022 was Go for the GOLD. It was a tough goal that we all did together to achieve while we were just transitioning from the pandemic lockdown. Looking back, I believe that our pandemic condition provided the opportunity for LPU to heighten the support and engagement with its people. Such was the best display of a caring culture that our university espouses. Thru the we invest in people framework, that is putting people first in leading transformational change, and strengthening collaboration, we were able to handle the challenges of the times without sacrificing the quality of education, the employee conditions and community involvement” said by Ms. Judith Imperial, Director of Human Resources as her opening remarks during the Investors in People (IIP) Gold Awarding Ceremony held on January 24, 2023 from 11:00 AM – 12:00 NN at the ARC Events Center.   

Investors in People is a global accrediting organization that has accredited over 50,000 organizations and provides a framework that serves as a global benchmark for people management. 

Ms. Janet Webster, Chairman of the Investors in People (IIP), presented LPU Manila with the We Invest in People – Gold award and delivered her congratulatory message during the ceremony for the progress that LPU Manila has made, for making a difference in the nation, and for making work better for everyone. 

The award was earned after undergoing rigorous assessment procedures, beginning with an online assessment from September 15 to September 30, 2022, followed by a Context Discussion Meeting on October 5, 2022 and IIP Conversations on October 17-18, 2023 with LPU Manila employees. 

The assessments allowed employees to express their perspective in the university’s culture and practices based on the IIP Framework. It also gave a preview of the current directions and priorities of the university, the innovative processes and best practices that helped the school thrive during and even after the pandemic. Similarly, it demonstrated the commitment of the University to people development and engagement, thereby confirming the importance that LPU Manila places to its people to deserve a Gold award.  

“Over the years I have been working with people like you at LPU and so I have not felt any stress, so you don’t see many lines on my face and I am really thankful that You are the people I work with.  

I wish to congratulate all of you for this special award that we have been aiming for and it has been a wonderful journey, Janet and we look forward to 1000 more steps with Investors in People” a statement that Atty. Roberto Laurel made as his concluding message during the ceremony.  

LPU Manila directs its efforts toward achieving its overarching goal —To Put People First. With over 600 employees, LPU Manila is committed to the belief that people are the most important asset and the driving force behind all victories achieved by the Institution.