Microsoft Showcase School 2020-2021

Today, we celebrate the accomplishments of the inspiring leaders of 325 education institutions from 58 countries around the world, whose vision and perseverance are empowering their students to achieve more. These schools represent the returning cohort of Microsoft Showcase Schools and we are thrilled to welcome their continued participation in the program. 

The diverse members of our Showcase School Program are distinguished by their commitment to school-wide transformation, and they have leveraged Microsoft’s Education Transformation Framework to drive a culture of learning, innovation, and continuous improvement. Their hard work is reflected in improved learning outcomes for their students and an increased focus on future-ready skills. Additionally, their dedication to education transformation has allowed these schools to effectively manage the transition to remote and hybrid learning scenarios during the current COVID-19 crisis. 

Community support and engagement is critical during these challenging times. Viewed as experts, many Showcase Schools were approached by their departments or ministries of education to provide guidance to other schools in their respective countries as they moved to remote learning. Prime examples of the Showcase Schools’ global impact include: 

  • Dhour Shweir Public Secondary School, Lebanon assisted their Ministry of Education with adoption of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365 at scale across the nation. 
  • Notre Dame School, Dominican Republic led a committee to help the new Minister of Education with plans to support all schools in the country in transitioning to and mastering remote learning. 
  • Broadclyst Community Primary School, Ribblesdale High School, and Danesfield School, England were named “Demonstrator Schools” and joined a consortium of schools across England that are considered leaders in the use of technology in education. They offer guidance and coaching to help other schools and colleges make the best use of technology and provide remote learning for students. 
  • GEMS Wellington Academy, UAE; GOAL Academy, US; Steyn City School, South Africa; Gateway Colleges, Sri Lanka; Izmir Istek Foundations Schools, Turkey; Vizyon College, Turkey; Mandoulides School, Greece; Lyceum 28, Russia; High School #1517, Russia; The Junior and Senior School, Cyprus; Escola Bosque, Brazil; Wilburton Elementary, US; Dhour Shweir Public Secondary School, Lebanon; and The Corner Academy Trust, UK shared their knowledge and experience through a series of free webinars that are available on demand now. 

As many institutions head back to start a new academic year in the coming weeks, Microsoft Showcase Schools will continue to share their expertise and help others navigate the challenges of the “new normal.” 

The global Showcase Schools community comes together as a group to tackle challenges, celebrate successes, share learnings, and try new solutions in a vibrant online community through Microsoft Teams. As Showcase Schools continue their education transformation journey, they are supported by Microsoft, their partners, and each other through capacity building, transformation guidance, peer learning, amplification opportunities, and early access to research and solutions.