LPU General Orientation 1st Semester AY 23-24

As part of the opening of the new academic year and in preparation for the upcoming opening of classes, we invite all new and transfer students to attend the LPU General Orientation for New and Transfer Students this August 9 and 10, 2023, at the JPL Hall of Freedom (3rd floor).

For further clarifications, please email studentaffairs@lpu.edu.ph or visit Room 101. Be advised that classes will start on August 14, 2023, and enrollment is still open until before start of classes.

Please check your ORIENTATION SCHEDULE below:


1st Semester, Academic Year 2023-2024

Venue: JPL

DATECOLLEGEAM (8am -11nn)PM(1-4pm)
August 9, 2023CITHM          Freshies (New Students)     Sections:  

HT101ITM, HT102ITM, HT103ITM, HT104ITM, HT105ITM, HT106ITM, HT107ITM, HT108ITM, HT109ITM, HT110ITM, HT111ITM, HT112ITM, HT113ITM, HT114ITM, HT115ITM  
Freshies (New Students)     Sections:  

H121IHM, H122IHM, H123IHM, H124IHM, H125IHM, H126IHM, H127IHM, H128IHM, H129IHM, H130IHM, H131IHM, H132IHM, H133IHM, H134IHM, H135IHM
August 10, 2023CAS, CBA, CIR, COT, CITHMFreshies (New Students)   Sections:

HT116, HT121, HT122, HT123, H136IHM, H137IHM, H138IHM, H139IHM, H140IHM, H141IHM  
Freshies/Transferees (New Students)   Sections:

HT117, HT118, H142IHM

All Sections (CAS, CBA, CIR, COT) and All Transferees    

Read more about Student Activities: https://manila.lpu.edu.ph/campus-life/student-affairs-office/

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