Internship Programs

The LPU Manila Internship Program

The LPU Manila Internship Program in accordance with pertinent provisions of RA 7722, otherwise known as the “Higher Education Act of 1994”, and pursuant to Commission en banc Resolution No. 148, dated April 19, 2009. Is to provide students with Internship Program for all courses with practicum subject. The Internship Program aims to promote and provide students with competitive skills and attitudes for employment through practical application of learned theories and knowledge in an actual working environment.


The program aims to:

  • provide tertiary students the opportunity to acquire practical knowledge, skills, and desirable attitudes and values in reputable establishments/industries;
  • enhance the students’ work competencies and discipline as they relate to people in the workplace;
  • promote competitiveness of students through their training;
  • strengthen and enrich the degree programs of the University;
  • provide opportunities to learn from and network with experienced professionals;
  • handle new challenges and complex tasks or problems; and
  • identify future career directions and become candidates for future job opening.

The Internship Program

The internship is based on the requirements reflected in the program curriculum designed in such a way that students will acquire basic concepts, attitudes, and skills and will have exposure to the profession necessary for successful entrance and placement in the industry upon graduation. To ensure that students will have a program-related and career-related work experience, students are placed in training areas that are aligned with their course. The required number of hours to render depends on the specific course of the student.

The Internship Hours

Breakdown of Internship Hours:

CS 3600

Word Descriptor:

  1. College:
  • COT – College of Technology
  • CAS – College of Arts and Sciences
  • CBA – College of Business Administration
  • CITHM – College of International Tourism and Hospitality Management
  1. Courses:
  • IT. – Information Technology
  • CS – Computer Science
  • CPE – Computer Engineering
  • EE – Electrical Engineering
  • ECE – Electronics Communication Engineering
  • ACCT – Accountancy
  • ACCTM – Management Accounting
  • CA – Customs Administration
  • BM – Business Management
  • MKTG – Management Accounting
  • OM – Operations Management
  • CAKO – Culinary Arts and Kitchen Operations
  • CLOCA – Cruise Line Operations in Culinary Arts
  • HRA – Hotel and Restaurant Administration
  • CLOHS – Cruise Line Operations in Hotel Services
  1. Practicum:
  • FNB – Food and Beverage

The Internship Procedures

  1. Enroll Internship/Practicum Subject.
  • Only students enrolled in Internship/Practicum Subject will be assisted.
  1. Attend Internship/Practicum Orientation.
  • A certificate will be given after the Orientation. The certificate will serve as a pass for the Gold Slip Mock Interview.
  • Overview and familiarization of the Internship Program.
  • Policies and procedures of the Internship Program.
  • Requirements needed to pass the Internship Program.
  1. Join the Official Facebook (FB) Group of CSI, “LPU-MNL CCSIR”.
  • Schedule of class meetings.
  • Assigned internship coordinator.
  • Internship announcements.
  • Internship openings.
  • Employment opportunities.
  • Schedule of Seminars/Events.
  • Deadlines for passing of requirements (encoding etc.)
  • Other related internship announcements.
  1. Attend Gold Slip Mock Interview
  • Interview with the Executive Director.
  • Assessment of student’s competencies.
  • Approval if the student will proceed with the internship.
  • Issuing of Gold Slip (needed for issuing Recommendation Letter)
  1. Attend Symposiums (Seminar)
  • Symposiums are conducted to enhance the competencies of the students.
  • Speakers from different top enterprises are invited to conduct the seminar.
  • Schedule of Symposiums is announced thru the Official FB Group of CSI.
  1. Choosing of Internship Site
  • The student will choose where to conduct his/her internship.
  • The student may view internship openings thru the Official FB Group of CSI.
  • The student may choose local or international placement.
  • The student may ask CSI for assistance for placement both local and international.
  1. Attending of Internship Class Meetings (schedule and venue is announced thru the Official FB Group of CSI)
  • A class meeting will be conducted by the assigned Internship Coordinator.
  • Review of Internship requirements.
  • If needed, conduct coaching by the Internship Coordinator.
  • Updates on Internship openings.
  • Passing of initial requirements.
  1. Passing of Internship Requirements
  • Upon completion, passing of the Internship Requirements to the assigned Internship Coordinator
  • Encoding of grades
  1. Attend Job Fair (schedule and venue is announced thru the Official FB Group of CSI)
  • Industry Partners are invited to conduct a Job Fair.
  • Employment opportunities for graduating students and alumni.
  • For graduating students. A slip will be given upon attending the job fair, the slip is need for the processing of student’s clearance.