Featured Alumni – Customs Broker Karin Mercado

Licensed Customs Broker, Ms. Karin Mercado, took up her baccalaureate degree in Customs Administration in Lyceum of the Philippines – Manila during the school years of 2006 – 2010. Inspired by her family’s business engaged in the field of brokerage, she pursued the profession in the hopes of one day managing the business and, in the long run, offer her services, knowledge, and expertise to the public through entering the government sector, particularly in the ranks of the Bureau of Customs. In her stay in the university, she has garnered multiple academic awards, which has also granted her the opportunity to be an academic scholar. During her 4th year of studying in LPU – Manila, she was elected as the Vice President for Finance in the course organization of Philippine Society of Customs Administration Students (PSCAS), LPU – Manila Chapter. She took up her Master’s degree in Business Administration from 2013 – 2017 in the Philippine Women’s University and is currently taking up Doctor of Jurisprudence at San Beda University. Upon topping the 2010 CBLE examination by the Professional Regulatory Board for Customs Broker, several opportunities have presented themselves to Ms. Mercado, which she has capitalized on and later became the Custom Operations Officer in the monitoring unit – Office of the Commissioner. Apart from her services in the Bureau of Customs, she was also a part-time lecturer at LPU – Manila, teaching customs and tariff subjects.

After her time as a Customs Operations Officer, she was designated further into the ranks of the Bureau in the Import Assessment Service, Assessment and Operation Coordinating Group (IAS – AOCG). After being assigned in the various offices of the Bureau of Customs, Ms. Mercado has occupied the following positions: Acting Customs Examiner, Acting Chief of the Assessment Division (Port of Davao), Acting Reviewer, Special Assistant to the District Collector (Port of Davao). On her return to Manila, she was assigned as a Customs Examiner in the Formal Entry Division, Team Leader, Alert Monitoring Team under the District Collector, Acting Assistant Chief of the Formal Entry Division, as well as the Acting Chief of the Special Warehousing Assessment Unit located in the Port of Manila. Today, Ms. Karin Mercado is currently designated as the Chief-of-Staff at the Office of the District Collector, Manila International Container Port (MICP), in concurrent capacity as the Acting Chief of the Special Warehousing Assessment Unit. For students currently enrolled in the BSCA program and for students who may take up customs administration soon. Ms. Karin Mercado would like to impart to us the following message. “To everyone who has mustered the courage to take up Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration and is fighting to earn that Customs Broker as their title someday, I suggest to first and foremost, live your life. Do things out of your comfort zone and explore all the possibilities while still not compromising your studies. Study hard, but do not forget to do things that are laid in front of you. Breathe, run, jump, walk, and contemplate. You must know and discover yourself, what you want, and what you really want to do someday. You have to make the most of every moment. Console yourself and do whatever makes you happy for you to have a relaxed state of mind. After that, you will realize that it is enjoyable to go back to your notes, digest your CMTA, and review all your pending readings. To everyone who plans on taking up Bachelor of Science in Customs Administration but is having second thoughts because of the stereotype, follow your heart. You are one step away from your dream, and you are entering into a spectacle. The journey will not be easy, but it is definitely going to be worth it. You will face several hurdles along the way, but you will not be alone. You will experience the best four years of your life, and the most exciting journey is going to be right in front of you. You will have to cry, but surely you will laugh the hardest as you go higher and as you discover the wonders of the Customs and Tariff Laws. You will experience a family, and you will create relationships, which will make it more exciting to study. Once you all get there together, the feeling is surreal.

As someone who has lived her life while studying, I was also a normal student back then. You have to remember that you are good enough and that you can always spark the change you want yourself to be.”