1st Legal Management Virtual International Conference

1st Legal Management Virtual International Conference by the College of Arts and Sciences and Department of Social Science and Legal Management entitled, “Unlocking Leadership Potentials: Training and Mentoring to Form, Inform and Transform Young Minds” on April 17, 2021, Saturday, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. via Zoom.

At the end of the webinar, each participants/students is expected to:
1. Explain current issues and trends in domestic and international politics and businesses.
2. Demonstrate skills and potentials essential in leading groups or organization.
3. Formulate ideas and recommendations to prevailing situations in the society.
4. Define the role played in different facets of community involvement.
5. Defend highly valued norms and standards of the Filipinos in various issues.
6. Compare different fields of discipline/program to serve as direction in their future profession/career.

International Speaker:

Dr. Mohd Hazmi Bin Mohd Rusli
Maritime and International Law expert, Faculty of Syariah and Law, Malaysia


Mr. Christian Eligius A. Jimenez, LPT,CPA,PMP,MDE
Special Lecturer, LPU                 
Head, Orgdev Internationale               
Bank Supervisor, BSP

Atty George Erwin M. Garcia, LLM
Election Law Practitioner
Founder, G.E. Garcia Law Office
Dean, College of Law, PLM
Radio and TV Host, UNTV
Distinguished LPU Alumnus