Alumni-LPU Educational Assistance Program (A-LEAP)

The Alumni-LPU Educational Assistance Program (A-LEAP) is a privilege given by Lyceum of the Philippines University to its Alumni.  
LPU Alumni or their sons/daughters are entitled to 15% discount on tuition fees upon enrollment once every semester for Senior High School, Baccalaureate Degree, Graduate School and/or College of Law except for summer class. 

  1. The applicant cannot enjoy 2 types of discount. Applicant must choose whichever is more beneficial to him/her. 
  2. A-LEAP (Alumni-Lyceum Educational Assistance Program) Discount Forms will be given once application is approved.  
  3. Adjustment will be divided into two (2) transactions (Midterm and Finals) respectively; except for FULL PAYMENT.  
  4. Late application will not be accepted.  
  5. Application for this discount is every semester (for College) and every year (for SHS). 

REQUIREMENTS:  (Submit all requirements to


  1. Scanned copy of LPU Alumni / TOR / Certificate of Graduation / Diploma  
  2. For SHS Graduate: Scanned copy of the SHS report card or the Certification of Graduation   
  3. Scanned copy of PSA birth certificate – for son/daughter as Beneficiary  
  4. Scanned copy of Latest Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF)   


  1. Scanned copy of LPU Alumni ID / TOR / Certificate of Graduation / Diploma  
  2. Scanned copy of Latest Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF)    

Application Period is ONGOING. Please take note of the following deadlines.  

COLLEGE1st Semester, AY 2021-2021OCTOBER 29, 2021 
GRADUATE STUDIES3rd Trimester, AY 2021SEPTEMBER 30, 2021 
COLLEGE OF LAW1st Semester, AY 2021-2022SEPTEMBER 30, 2021