Registrar’s Procedures and Forms

Request for Documents

1.  Send a letter of request to  An acknowledgment will be received by the client. 

Document Request, academic-related concerns and student verification, kindly indicate on the email subject “DOCUMENT REQUEST: the document that you are requesting” (ex: DOCUMENT REQUEST – TRANSCRIPT OF RECORD) and send the following credentials to 

  • Full Name
  • Student Number  
  • Year/Year Graduated and Course  
  • Birthday  
  • Image of your Student ID and/or Alumni Card  
  • For Student, image of your EAF or Official Receipt of your latest transaction  

2.  Once student record is verified, the Registrar’s Office will inform the client if he/she still has deficiency. The client will only be allowed to pay the corresponding fee once the deficiency is settled.  Proof of payment must be sent and once verified, the office will start processing the document.  Processing time will depend on the nature of the requested document and its requirements.

3.  Honorable Dismissal/Transfer Credential application will seek the clearance of the concerned signatories (Guidance and Testing Center, Library, Student Affairs Office, and Accounting Office) before the payment of the document fee.

4.  A notification will be sent to the client once the document is ready for release and pick up.  The confirmation message must be shown to the security officer onsite to allow the client entry. 


1. Application for CAV is done onsite.  The client must send an email to for schedule of appointment. 

2. Bring the original copies of the Transcript of Records and Diploma for submission. 

3.  Pay the corresponding fee and submit the proof of payment. 


1.  Accomplish the request for readmission by filling out the fillable form below and submit it to 

2.  The readmission form will pass through concerned units for approval (College, Guidance and Testing Center, Information and Communications Technology Department, Student Affairs Office, and Accounting Office). 

3.  Once approved by concerned signatories, the student will be notified by the Registrar’s Office that he/she may already proceed to enrollment. 

Application Form for Scholarship

Sibling Discount

1st Semester, AY 2021-2022
LPU offers tuition fee discount for two or more siblings enrolled in the same term. The younger sibling shall avail of the discount.

Submit the digital copies of the following requirements:

New Applicants:

  1. Siblings Official Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF)
  2. Siblings PSA Birth Certificate Copy
  3. Siblings Discount Application Form


  1. Siblings Official Enrollment Assessment Form (EAF).
  2. Siblings Discount Application Form

Please submit your requirements to with the subject: Siblings Discount, 1st Sem. AY 2021-2022 and regularly check your email for additional verification of your data and discount confirmation.  Application submitted beyond the deadline will no longer be accepted.

Deadline of Application: September 30, 2021

Quick link to access the official EAF through AIMS:

Shifting of Program Application

1.  Accomplish the shifting permit by filling out the fillable form below. Send the accomplished request form to

2.  The shifting permit will pass through concerned units (Former College, Guidance and Testing Center, and Accepting College). 

3.  Once approved by the signatories, the Admission Section will update the applicant’s program and will be notified by the Registrar’s Office that he/she may already proceed to enrollment. 

Substitution and Overload Application


1. Accomplish the fillable forms and submit to the respective student records evaluators:

  • CAS and CBA –
  • CITHM-ITTM and CIR –
  • COT –

2. The evaluators will assess and determine if student is eligible to enroll with overload units. Only graduating students are allowed to apply for overload.

3. Student will be notified if the overload application is approved or disapproved.

4. For substitution of subjects, the program evaluators will identify possible subjects that students may enroll as substitute. For professional and complex subjects, the evaluators will follow the recommendation of the colleges.

Withdrawal and Dropping Application


1.  For withdrawal and dropping application, send a letter of intent to  The letter should be signed by the student and the parent/guardian with attach valid IDs of both.   

2.  Dropping application will be forwarded to the Guidance and Testing Center for the interview.  After then, GTC will return the application to the Registrar’s Office for approval and encoding of the Dropped remark. 

3.  Once approved by the University Registrar, the Withdrawn/Dropped remark will be encoded in the account of the student, and the letter will be endorsed to accounting office for refund or adjustment of fees.  No refund or adjustment will be applied if application is beyond the deadline of dropping application with fees adjustment. 

4.  Dropping application deadlines shall be strictly followed.