Student Referral Guidelines

The Guidance and Testing Center assists professors, parents and other concerned stakeholders in referring any student who has not been attending classes, has difficulty in complying academic requirements, and those who has personal-social, career or mental health concerns.  

The following guidelines are encouraged to optimize our referral system.   

  1. Submit Accomplished Referral Form  

Use referral link:

  1. Wait for the acknowledgment email to your office 365 account from Guidance and Testing Center  
  1. Scheduling and Conducting Counseling Session  

An assigned counselor will send an email or message to the student regarding the schedule of the counseling session. A counseling session is via MS Teams. Counseling will be conducted by the counselor.  It is confidential.   

  1. Feedback from the Assigned Counselor  

Accomplished Feedback Form needs to be prepared and email to professor after the counseling session with the student. If the student is not responding to the counseling invitation, assigned counselor should give an update to a professor as well. The promptness of giving feedback depends on the availability of the assigned counselor.  

  1. Acknowledgment Email to Feedback  

Kindly acknowledge that you received an email from the assigned counselor of your referred student. You may include any questions/concerns to further assist you.  

*(Guidelines prepared by Ms. Gladys Ramos, RGC) 

Reach us through our email address or FB Official Page of LPU-Manila Guidance and Testing Center