Guidance and Testing Center

Programs and Services 


Counseling is at the very core of all programs and services of the Guidance and Testing Center. It aims to assist stakeholders in dealing with intrapersonal and interpersonal concerns. It is provided to increase self-understanding, as well as develop in the individual a sense of responsibility for choices that are made through a systematic decision making process.  

Students request for their counseling appointment through the following means: 

  1. Email at  
  1. Book appointment through LPU Manila – Guidance and Testing Center FB Official Page at 
  1. Fill-out our Online Counseling Appointment Form at  

Tele-counseling can be done via MS Teams video call or chat. 

Student Development 

Series of webinars and trainings are provided to help stakeholders attain various competencies and to provide values and skills essential for their mental health needs. Webinars are done via MS Teams or zoom, recording of the session is uploaded in the LPU FB Official Page. 

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The purpose of interviews is to guide students in making decisions and in planning for the future. These interviews are given to new students, for those intending to drop their subjects, shift to other courses, transfer to other colleges, and for readmission of returning students. This service is in coordination with the Registrar’s Office and students are being interviewed via MS Teams. 



As decided by the Council of Deans, Directors and Heads (CODDH), the Entrance Exam is waived due to the health and safety risk of infectious disease in the conduct of testing until further notice.  

In lieu of the Entrance Test, the GTC in collaboration with Center for eLearning (CEL) and Registrar’s Office (REG) implemented the Scoring and Interpretation of Online Survey on Student Readiness. The purpose is to assess readiness of students in online learning and to schedule them for initial or routine interview. 

The online survey on student readiness has six (6) components namely self-directedness, learning preference or styles, study habits, communication and support, technology skills and computer equipment capabilities. The scoring and interpretation is being emailed to student’s LPU MS Office account. For inquiries, email us at   


This aims to inform students about the guidance programs and services to increase engagement. It also purports to address the importance of mental health in the various facets of the socio-cultural development of individuals in the form of learning sessions and campaigns via the various social media platforms of GTC. 

The annual celebration of the Mental Health Month every October is the highlight of this program. GTC launches and encourages students and employees to change their profile picture in support for mental health and a 21-Day Inner Journey to Emotional Wellness is posted in our FB Official Page.  

The conduct of Mental Health Facilitation (MHF) program aims to train people outside the field of mental health in basic helping and referral skills to increase service capacity for meeting global mental health needs. The certification will come from the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) based in North Carolina, USA. MHF-ASAP Curriculum Focus Areas are: address core topics in mental stress, distress and disorder, connect local potential, needs and resources and encourage choice with empathy, integrity and respect for diversity. 

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