Careers at LPU

#JobOpenings – #TakeTheLead and join our dynamic team! Be part of the LPU Manila workforce by emailing your CV to Applicants are encouraged to submit their requirements virtually as to adhere to the minimum safety health standards of the IATF.

Skills required:

  1. Must possess excellent interpersonal relationship skills.
  2. Must be creative in design and merchandizing.
  3. Must possess skills in Photoshop, In Design, Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft applications and social media.
  4. Must possess video editing skills in Adobe After-effects, Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, and other video editing tools.
  5. Must have photography and videography skills.
  6. Must have knowledge or skills in publication layout.
  7. Must be a team player.
  8. Must have the capacity to identify sources and compile relevant and appropriate information when needed.
  9. Must have the capacity to analyze data.
  10. Must have the capacity to develop insight into and appropriate solutions to problems.
  11. Must have the capacity to function effectively within the culture of the organization and to be an effective team player.
  12. Must have the capacity to use information technology as needed to produce work products.
  13. Must have the capacity to produce reports to document actions, keep records, and inform appropriate parties.
  14. Must have the capacity to effectively communicate risk and exchange information with colleagues, other practitioners, clients, policy-makers, interest groups, media, and the public through public speaking, print and electronic media, and interpersonal relations.