About Conditional and Approved status

  • Approved applicants are those who have complete requirements. Their papers are immediately processed.
  • Conditional applicants are those who have incomplete OLCET requirements or whose admission to Lyceum is subject to the conditions set by the Registrar’s Office.
  • Conditions or instructions to the applicant must be written in the test permit
  • Deadline of submission of conditional OLCET requirements:
  • At least one hour before the scheduled exam


Only applicants from Mindanao, Visayas, and Southern and Northern regions of Luzon are allowed to take the Online LPU College Entrance Test (OLCET) on special test schedules. Assigning the test schedule is subject to the consent and approval of the Psychometrician.


This is applicable to all courses except for BS Nursing

  • For BS Nursing Applicants who passed the entrance exam are to proceed to the College of Nursing for endorsement for medical examination. Inquiries regarding the results of the exams can be made one week after the completion of the medical tests. The College of Nursing will release status of application
  • Those who have undergone their medical exams other than the diagnostic centers referred by the Lyceum should submit their medical results to the school clinic.
  • Transferees and applicants “For Interview” are required to go through an interview with the College of Nursing. Endorsement for medical examination will be made after other requirements are complied with. Inquiries with the College of Nursing regarding the status of the application can be made three working days after the completion of the tests. Procedure
  • Submit requirements and secure application form at the Admissions Information Center (AIC)
  • Pay the non-refundable CET fee at the Cashier’s office or at specially assigned windows.
  • Submit the application form to the AIC to get an examination schedule.
  • Take the entrance exam as scheduled. Late comers or those who are not able to take the exam on the date assigned to them may request for a re-schedule of their CET date. (Subject to the conditions of CET re-scheduling).
  • Claim the test result at the Guidance and Testing Center on the date and time scheduled by the AIC. Present examination permit in getting the CET result.
  • Upon knowing their admission status, qualified applicants may reserve for their enrollment slots or immediately proceed to enrollment.